Purpose-Driven Branding Agency, Johnson & Sekin, Expands their Footprint to Denver with the Launch of Camp Purpose

Johnson & Sekin Camp Purpose

DALLAS and DENVERNov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Johnson & Sekin, a purpose-driven branding and advertising agency creating impact for brands and causes, announced today their expansion to the Denver region with the launch of Camp Purpose, an immersive workshop experience tailored around the discovery of purpose for brands, teams, and organizations. Located on the mountainside in Pine, Colorado, the 34-acre property, known as Meadow Creek, will serve as Johnson & Sekin’s first-ever satellite office outside of Dallas and as the off-site location for teams from around the country to travel to and experience Camp Purpose.

“We are incredibly proud to be making this investment in the Denver region,” said Chris Sekin, co-founder of Johnson & Sekin. “For more than twelve years, we’ve brought purpose-driven campaigns to life for our national and local partners, their employees, and customers. Camp Purpose allows us to scale that impact to more companies, enabling teams and individuals to do their best and most fulfilling work in their career and in life.”

Part experiential retreat and part strategic brainstorm, Camp Purpose is a defining experience where leaders and team members connect for multiple consecutive days at Meadow Creek. Camp Purpose is led by an experienced branding and positioning team that coordinates a custom multi-day experience for teams to get a fresh perspective, create new connections, and walk away inspired to build a better future.

“The world looks different today because the pandemic changed all of us,” said Kat Kornegay, chief purpose officer at Johnson & Sekin. “Camp Purpose offers a new approach to company impact, employee culture, and social issues through guided conversations and creates a space where people can speak their minds freely. We’ve spent our careers helping organizations find their purpose and we have seen firsthand the impact that defining purpose can have on a growing business. We are excited to launch this new offering and expand our purpose-driven impact and reach around the world.”

Founded in 2008, Johnson & Sekin has built a trusted name in the advertising industry through their award-winning work with big-name brands such as Caliber Collision, JCPenney, Fossil, and Chili’s. The agency has also led initiatives to raise awareness for the American Heart Association, The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health, Genesis Women’s Shelter, and the National Down Syndrome Society. Their expansion to Denver follows the agency’s growing presence in the Colorado region, working with brands like Local Hive Honey, Butterfly Pavilion, and Boyer’s Coffee to create a more sustainable future.

About Johnson & Sekin
Johnson & Sekin is a purpose-driven advertising agency focused on helping brands articulate and amplify their purpose, both internally and externally. Led by distinguished creatives, Kent Johnson and Chris Sekin, the agency channels a passion for people, purpose, and unexpected ideas to fulfill its mission of growing good. Founded in 2008, Johnson & Sekin has become a trusted name in the advertising industry, earning countless awards for their work driving impact across a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, restaurants, automotive, arts & entertainment, higher education, and nonprofits. For more information, visit johnsonandsekin.com.

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New Kid on the (Zoom) Block: Starting a Job Remotely

JandS Zoom

Some folks would say the most nerve-racking part about landing a new gig would be the interview process that precedes it. And—in most circumstances—those folks would be right. But this year, in true 2020-2021 fashion, things look a little different and the only challenge bigger than those countless rounds of interviews is actually starting your role…from home.

Beyond the gratitude, excitement and readiness to start a new job at Johnson & Sekin, I very quickly realized that, without the chance to meet in person, there wouldn’t be a happy hour for me to shake hands, share a drink and introduce myself to my new coworkers. And as a true “people person,” I knew I needed to find another way.

And so, thanks to my welcoming coworkers, the power of technology and a company built on relationships, I’m able to bring you…

Rosie’s “Meet and Greet from your At-Home Seat” Method:

Step 1: Join a company full of people who genuinely care about building relationships.

Step 2: Don’t underestimate the power of initiative. If you want to learn the processes, customs, inside jokes and office dynamics of a new company—you’ve got to take the first step.

Step 3: Send a *gasp* all-agency email to say “hello.” Scary? Yes. Worth it? Also yes. Nearly moments after I clicked “send,” my inbox was flooded with responses from copywriters, art directors and producers alike.

Step 4: Regardless of your position, put on your account service hat and start scheduling meetings “Meet and Greets.” Despite their busy schedules, everyone accepted my 30-minute personal invitations to say hello. Even more, my new coworkers didn’t just hit me with a “Hi, nice to meet you.” In fact—they did anything but. I learned the latest agency news, the timesaving tips, backgrounds, hobbies, favorite Dallas spots and more. After each call, I felt more and more like part of the team.

And so, while this first week of work was like nothing I’ve experienced before, my new J&S team turned it into something special.

The happy hour I was accustomed to was replaced with a group of people dedicated to extending their hospitality and good manners. People that were more than happy to help a new face. People whose actions reflect what Johnson & Sekin represents: The purpose to better their community, work and the very people around them.

Sincerely in seclusion,

Rosie Rosales, Associate Creative Director

Pandemic Production Panel: Key Takeaways

This week, our very own Chris Sekin joined a panel of advertising professionals to discuss the rapid evolution of messaging and production during this pandemic. Moderated by Keith James of Republic Editorial, the representatives from brands and agencies dove deep into the new creative and production process.

There were so many great insights that we decided to create a list of the key takeaways from their discussion.

Trust and technology
Shooting any type of content has become more challenging than ever. Due to travel restrictions and the shelter in place order, we can’t be on location or in a packed studio for production. Because of that, we are having to rely on partnerships that we’ve built in the industry to get work done quickly. Without the technology we have today, it wouldn’t be possible to work remotely with those trusted partners around the globe.

In a way, every brand is working off the same creative brief right now. As every brand is jumping in to make a comment on how they’re dealing with this pandemic, a lot of the content has looked the same. However, brands that have an established and powerful purpose have stood out in the crowd. Purpose-driven companies who know why they exist are able to make a stance and consumers take note of that.

Imperfection is real
With shorter timelines and smaller budgets than before, it’s impossible for brands to create work that is perfect. As opposed to showing products in the perfect light or taking all day to nail a shot, everyone realizes that time is of the essence and the message must be delivered quickly. In turn, that has created more authentic work that’s genuine to the times we’re in.

No time for timelines
These days, timelines are shorter than ever before. What once took a week or two is now being produced in a day or two. However, agencies are happy to commit more effort and work longer hours because clients are dependent on our partnership right now. It’s increasingly important to get the work right the first time because clients can’t afford to go through multiple rounds of review.

Post pandemic
As we see the government begin to slowly start the process of returning to normalcy, it’s easy to see how production won’t be the same. There will likely be regulations placed on the crew size for a shoot and permits will be tough to obtain if a project requires shooting on location. Therefore, shoot times will be increased and our creative teams will have to adapt to whatever production restrictions teams face.

Long term impact
To wrap up, agencies and brands will have to realize that our industry will see changes for more than just a few months. More than likely, we will have to adapt to this new way of working for many years. We’ve learned that it’s not always necessary to push work to absolute perfection every single time. Plus, thanks to trusted partnerships and reliable technology, we’ve seen how efficient working remotely can be. Most importantly, during the coming months and years, we will have to be patient.

These changes to our process don’t have to be negative. While it can be scary to face a new normal, brands and agencies have proved that everyone can still produce great work and create impactful messages. At the end of the day, as long as we work together and strive to find a purpose in everything we do, our industry will thrive.

Purpose Leads the Way

Spring Renewal

Hello friends—

It’s April. The March rains have brought out the flowers and the electric greens of new leaves and grasses. Days are longer. The air is warmer. This is my favorite time of year. Rebirth, renewal, optimism.

This spring is no different. Our society is being reborn as we reshape the way we work, the way we shop and the way we connect. Our communities are being renewed. We are taking responsibility for the elderly and the ill. We are checking on neighbors, leaving teddy bears in our windows and drawing messages of encouragement on our sidewalks. And I am feeling optimistic. We will weather spring storms and be reborn a culture more conscious of our purpose.

I see the signs everywhere. Our team has rallied to grow good for each other and for our friends and clients. Kim Flores, our Director of Happiness, is embracing her signature purpose with renewed fervor and joy checking on the team daily. Our teams joined together to develop amazing content for our social media channels bringing humor and awareness to social distancing, shelter in place and reminders not to touch our faces.And this was only after we helped our clients grow some good too.

Our friends at Pecan Lodge, the best barbeque joint on the planet, faced this pivotal moment in their family business by discovering the purpose that drives them at the core. They went to bed a few Friday nights ago knowing they were, like most independent restaurants, facing a rough road ahead. But they woke up Saturday morning and embraced their purpose, the love to serve. And with hearts as big as their smokers, they launched the non-profit Dinner Bell Foundation. Their mission is twofold: to feed first responders on the front lines in Dallas and to provide financial assistance for struggling restaurants in the area via corporate grants. The team has served hundreds of meals throughout our community during this most uncertain time and is grateful for the local corporate donors, such as the online dating service Match, who gave a generous donation which they’re also, of course, matching. Our friends at Local Hive Honey surprised us with a generous donation as well. Learn how you or your company can help serve our community at dinnerbellfoundation.org.

Yes, we are facing unprecedented storms this spring, and no one can predict how long they will last. Each and every organization will be faced with tough decisions and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But a commitment to purpose will give us a path to follow. We are dedicated to helping each of our partners, including those we haven’t even met yet, bring their brand’s purpose to life like never before, or even discover it for the first time. And we are committed to growing together as a team.

The signs of renewal are all around us. Kent and I founded our agency with the idea that good friends could move faster, be smarter and create better. And with the notion that simple ideas shine brighter than all the rest. We built our business working with clients that we could share a beer (or wine) with and hired brilliant friends who shared our vision for creating good work. And 10 years later, we have created an agency of friends who are smart, enormously talented and just good people. Johnson&Sekin is facing this spring committed to our purpose. We will grow good in the world. We will build upon our strong foundation of purpose driven marketing to act as a catalyst to identify, articulate and amplify a brand’s purpose.

Stay healthy my friends!

– Chris

New Faces, New Spaces in 2019

Within the last year, Johnson & Sekin has hired nearly 20 new employees and expanded its office space by about 2200 square feet. From inspired creatives to exceptional account service and everything in between, the agency size has grown to around 50 people—and two office floors—and shows no signs of stopping. With each new hire bringing different levels of skill and knowledge from industries, positions and experiences prior, the agency is constantly evolving and growing to tell each of our clients’ brand stories even better than before.


Wonderful Machine featured our friend and photographer Terri Glanger’s work on the agency’s St. Jude Campaign for Chili’s. As Terri says, “I love when it’s a team effort, and I feel like the warmth of the whole team made the kids feel as comfortable as any child could.”

No need to grab the tissues; the work will put a smile on your face, as it celebrates the joy and optimism the kids bring to everyone around them.

Serving is the Greatest Good

The greatest gift is being able to give back. We ended the year clocking some hours prepping and serving lunch for patrons of Dallas’ homeless outreach center (and our downtown neighbors) The Stewpot. The Stewpot is the sole meal provider of The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, which serves 1,000 meals a day, seven days a week, to homeless and underprivileged Dallas residents.

If you’re interested in volunteering, sign up at this link: https://thestewpot.org/meal-services-volunteering

ACD? Si.

A man of few words and countless brilliant ideas (and a stellar wardrobe, if we’re being honest) Carlos Flores is basically Johnson & Sekin’s Wacom-wielding creative ninja. In his tenure at the agency, Carlos has gone from intern extraordinaire to Art Director to, now, the much-deserved title of Associate Creative Director. We can’t wait to see what kooky, killer, strategically solid, smarty-pants work is on deck. Congrats, Kaco!

Joanna Tang Named one of Dallas’ 32 Under 32

Her design and illustration skills astound us, her astuteness wows us, her maturity impresses us, and this honor didn’t surprise us in the least. Earlier this year, supremely talented Senior Designer Joanna Tang was named one of the Dallas ad community’s 32 Under 32 by Ad 2 Dallas – an affiliate of AAF Dallas – which honors the best of the best young talent in the Dallas advertising and marketing community. Congratulations, Joanna!