Some folks would say the most nerve-racking part about landing a new gig would be the interview process that precedes it. And—in most circumstances—those folks would be right. But this year, in true 2020-2021 fashion, things look a little different and the only challenge bigger than those countless rounds of interviews is actually starting your role…from home.

Beyond the gratitude, excitement and readiness to start a new job at Johnson & Sekin, I very quickly realized that, without the chance to meet in person, there wouldn’t be a happy hour for me to shake hands, share a drink and introduce myself to my new coworkers. And as a true “people person,” I knew I needed to find another way.

And so, thanks to my welcoming coworkers, the power of technology and a company built on relationships, I’m able to bring you…

Rosie’s “Meet and Greet from your At-Home Seat” Method:

Step 1: Join a company full of people who genuinely care about building relationships.

Step 2: Don’t underestimate the power of initiative. If you want to learn the processes, customs, inside jokes and office dynamics of a new company—you’ve got to take the first step.

Step 3: Send a *gasp* all-agency email to say “hello.” Scary? Yes. Worth it? Also yes. Nearly moments after I clicked “send,” my inbox was flooded with responses from copywriters, art directors and producers alike.

Step 4: Regardless of your position, put on your account service hat and start scheduling meetings “Meet and Greets.” Despite their busy schedules, everyone accepted my 30-minute personal invitations to say hello. Even more, my new coworkers didn’t just hit me with a “Hi, nice to meet you.” In fact—they did anything but. I learned the latest agency news, the timesaving tips, backgrounds, hobbies, favorite Dallas spots and more. After each call, I felt more and more like part of the team.

And so, while this first week of work was like nothing I’ve experienced before, my new J&S team turned it into something special.

The happy hour I was accustomed to was replaced with a group of people dedicated to extending their hospitality and good manners. People that were more than happy to help a new face. People whose actions reflect what Johnson & Sekin represents: The purpose to better their community, work and the very people around them.

Sincerely in seclusion,

Rosie Rosales, Associate Creative Director