Dinner Bell Foundation

Founded by our friends at Pecan Lodge, we helped launch the Dinner Bell Foundation to provide low-cost, high-quality meals to local first responders and frontline healthcare workers as well as financial assistance to struggling small businesses.

Meat Fight

In 2010, Alice Laussade learned of her brother’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and set out on a mission to support him however she could. What began as a small get-together to raise funds for the National MS Society has caught fire to become “Meat Fight,” Dallas’ hottest chef showdown event—and we’re not blowing smoke.

Côtes du Coeur

J&S partners with The American Heart Association to put on their annual Côtes du Coeur event: a high-profile fundraiser that brings in big donations for patients overcoming heart disease and their families.

Blake’s Snow Shack

This snow cone shack is in the business of dishing out both snow cones and reminders that no one should underestimate the potential of those living with Down Syndrome.

Peaceable Kingdom

We help provide visibility and donations to a camp striving to create a world without isolation and stigma for kids living with physical disabilities.


Twico serves their customers with the kind of attention to detail that they would want their own families to have—which is the common thread that has made our partnership flourish over the years. Step by step, we’ve worked with this insurance company to redesign their website and promotional materials that better reflects their people-centric Purpose.


When Fossil’s very own smartwatch brand launched, they strove to stand out in a crowded market with a campaign that turned heads and changed minds. While sales numbers were important, we took that next step by creating a movement. Instead of simply talking tech, we set out to celebrate diversity, spotlighting self-proclaimed Misfits and inspiring a movement of radical selflove, all wrapped around the launch of the Misfit Vapor X.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

In 2018, J&S partnered with Fuzzy’s to help focus the brand’s Purpose of being a place to have a kick-ass taco, drink a beer and hang out with friends and family. In only a few short years, we’ve reinvigorated the brand at all levels, touching everything from in-store merchandise to a completely redesigned website and mobile app.