Hello friends—

It’s April. The March rains have brought out the flowers and the electric greens of new leaves and grasses. Days are longer. The air is warmer. This is my favorite time of year. Rebirth, renewal, optimism.

This spring is no different. Our society is being reborn as we reshape the way we work, the way we shop and the way we connect. Our communities are being renewed. We are taking responsibility for the elderly and the ill. We are checking on neighbors, leaving teddy bears in our windows and drawing messages of encouragement on our sidewalks. And I am feeling optimistic. We will weather spring storms and be reborn a culture more conscious of our purpose.

I see the signs everywhere. Our team has rallied to grow good for each other and for our friends and clients. Kim Flores, our Director of Happiness, is embracing her signature purpose with renewed fervor and joy checking on the team daily. Our teams joined together to develop amazing content for our social media channels bringing humor and awareness to social distancing, shelter in place and reminders not to touch our faces.And this was only after we helped our clients grow some good too.

Our friends at Pecan Lodge, the best barbeque joint on the planet, faced this pivotal moment in their family business by discovering the purpose that drives them at the core. They went to bed a few Friday nights ago knowing they were, like most independent restaurants, facing a rough road ahead. But they woke up Saturday morning and embraced their purpose, the love to serve. And with hearts as big as their smokers, they launched the non-profit Dinner Bell Foundation. Their mission is twofold: to feed first responders on the front lines in Dallas and to provide financial assistance for struggling restaurants in the area via corporate grants. The team has served hundreds of meals throughout our community during this most uncertain time and is grateful for the local corporate donors, such as the online dating service Match, who gave a generous donation which they’re also, of course, matching. Our friends at Local Hive Honey surprised us with a generous donation as well. Learn how you or your company can help serve our community at dinnerbellfoundation.org.

Yes, we are facing unprecedented storms this spring, and no one can predict how long they will last. Each and every organization will be faced with tough decisions and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But a commitment to purpose will give us a path to follow. We are dedicated to helping each of our partners, including those we haven’t even met yet, bring their brand’s purpose to life like never before, or even discover it for the first time. And we are committed to growing together as a team.

The signs of renewal are all around us. Kent and I founded our agency with the idea that good friends could move faster, be smarter and create better. And with the notion that simple ideas shine brighter than all the rest. We built our business working with clients that we could share a beer (or wine) with and hired brilliant friends who shared our vision for creating good work. And 10 years later, we have created an agency of friends who are smart, enormously talented and just good people. Johnson&Sekin is facing this spring committed to our purpose. We will grow good in the world. We will build upon our strong foundation of purpose driven marketing to act as a catalyst to identify, articulate and amplify a brand’s purpose.

Stay healthy my friends!

– Chris