Coronavirus is re-shaping our world. While people are modifying the way they shop, work and date, companies are pivoting with purpose. Breweries are creating hand sanitizer. Restaurants are delivering free food to front-line workers. Gyms are taking their fitness offerings online and countless retailers are offering DIY face masks as we struggle to measure the gravity of the situation we face.

Some purposeful contributions come in the form of levity and escapism, which is just as important for our health. Our client, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, known for great food, fun, and making every day badass, had an opportunity to combine their mission and irreverent personality with a new way of communicating in the days of Coronavirus. Enter “Two Screens. One Date.”

In this digital age, it is easier than ever to date. Dates via Match, eHarmony, Farmers Only [judge if you will], and Tinder are all a click or a swipe away. But with a worldwide pandemic impacting every facet of life, dating has dramatically changed. Coffee dates and movie meet-ups have given way to FaceTime hang-outs, Zoom calls and even vintage phone call dates. It’s a different world we’re living in.

Through Instagram and Facebook, we drove our fans to the “Two Screens. One Date.” landing page where they can get fun, randomized quarantine dating ideas, and of course, order delicious Fuzzy’s tacos. It’s nothing complicated, but neither is Fuzzy’s approach to food and the laid-back way of life.

We talk a lot about purpose at J&S. It is the foundation on which we build strategies and develop our work. What we’ve learned is purpose can manifest itself in many ways. Sometimes it’s charity or consciousness, but sometimes, like with Fuzzy’s, it’s simply making someone’s day a little bit better. Besides, tacos and dating are a pretty amazing combo. Check it out.